Accurate. Efficient.

Pavement profiling can be utilised for the removal of existing asphalt pavement layers, full depth removal of pavement layers, boxing out of shoulders and surface texturing of slick road surfaces.

Purpose build equipment (profilers) can accurately and efficiently remove all types of pavement layers and directly discharge the excavated material into haulage vehicles for cost effective disposal or recycling off site to approved storage locations.

Profiling services provide many benefits to our customers:

  • Accurate removal of asphalt and pavement material to specified depths
  • Cross slope control and longitudinal averaging of pavement layers
  • High production outputs for cost effective operations
  • Accurate level control from automated sensor systems

Additional profiling services include:

  • Edge and end planning operations:
  • Surface texturing to improve skid resistance and improve bonding with new asphalt overlays
  • Excavation of pavements for reconstruction operations
  • Pavement patching for maintenance operations and
  • Shape correction to achieve a new pavement profile